Change is a necessity, and can and often does lead to wonderful possibilities. Blinx’s upcoming products, the FALCON and OWL, which are looking to ‘up the game’ in the Action and 360 Camera markets… are on the verge of release. As such, Blinx has recently reported that along with their new products, it was time for the company to ‘up its game’ also.

“We feel that a new direction of style and sophistication with our upcoming products, means that we should represent ourselves in a new way, and that’s why we are excited to have a new name for the company”, quoted Anthony Spicer, CMO of BeFlix (formally Blinx) Cameras. “The new name is something we are very excited about, and we feel it is the right time to enter the American markets showing them how we are and what we are trying to bring to the table.”

That’s right, Blinx, known for their Q1 Action cameras in Asia, are getting a makeover, and have started with their company name which is now BeFlix.

But that’s not all, with a new identity comes a new logo and website to house it.

“We have already posted news on social media regarding our new logo designs”, quoted Anthony, “We invite all to have a say, vote on our new logo and let us know what services they would like to see on our website”.

The OWL and FALCON are due for general release later this year, and will be a part of what BeFlix are terming ‘A Single Focus’ campaign, who are adamant that they will be a consumer oriented company, and will listen and react directly to their user’s requirements and suggestion. To achieve this, they hope to run regular opinion polls and ask questions that will help the company develop the cameras you need.

This all sounds great, and will surely lead to many future possibilities, with a company that we can all be a part of.